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Haunted Places in Poole

Are you a ghost-hunter? Curious about the dark shadows lurking in some of Poole’s oldest and most historical sites? We’ve rounded up a ghoulish list of Poole’s most haunted places… read at your own risk!

Whether you want to take a terrifying tour or just learn more about the town’s spine-chilling paranormal activity, here’s a list of haunted places here in Poole!

The Crown Hotel Poole

The Crown Hotel

About: Located in the town centre, Poole’s Crown Hotel is known across Dorset for its strange and spooky goings-on. Legend has it that in the 17th century, two children were locked up and left to die in this eerie building by their parents, and now the building is haunted by their ghostly cries. The building is now a popular hotel and restaurant with locals and visitors alike, so why not pop down for a meal and see if you can spot any spooky sightings? 

Spooky Rating: 3/5

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Corfe Castle Poole

Corfe Castle

About: Situated approximately 10 miles away from Poole, the dramatically ruined Saxon fortress has plenty of ghost stories to tell. The National Trust owned site is associated with ghosts and murder – most famously known for the murder of an Anglo-Saxon heir to the throne, Edward the Martyr, who was killed by his stepmother. There are also reports of captured Frenchmen roaming the castle’s dungeons until they all starved to death.

If you’re paying the castle a visit, beware of the headless woman in white stalking the grounds… she is said to be the woman who betrayed the Bankes, and has been seen lurking in the shadows of the walls and battlements.

Spooky Rating: 5/5

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Old Town Poole

Old Town Poole

About: Just because it’s the busiest part of the town, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a dark, murderous history. Poole’s popular Old Town is well known for its Granny Cousins Ghost Tours throughout the summer months, which takes you on a mysterious ghostly tour, explaining all the spooky goings on around Poole and the figures that haunt our ancient town!

Tours run throughout the summer months and around Halloween - you can keep up to date with tour dates via their Facebook page!

Spooky Rating: 3/5

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Scaplen's Court Poole

Scaplen's Court

About: Scaplen’s Court is a fifteenth museum located in the heart of Poole’s Town Centre, adjacent to Poole Museum and has a hidden haunted past. It is believed that the house is haunted by a maid Agnes Beard, who was murdered in the house of Scaplen’s Court back in 1598, and has been lurking in the shadows of the house ever since, with reports of her ghost haunting the house. 

Scaplen’s Court should definitely be top of your list, as it has been named as one of the most haunted places in Hampshire and Dorset. Plan a visit and see for yourself!

Spooky Rating: 4/5

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Scaplen's Court Poole

King Charles Inn

About: Don’t just take our word for it on this one – King Charles Inn located in Thames Street is one of the oldest pubs in the town and has been listed as a haunted pub. With bags of history and talks of spirits haunting the rooms upstairs, this super interesting spot is certainly worth a visit next time you’re passing.

Multiple strange goings-on have been reported at the King Charles, including customers feeling nudges when nobody is around them, and hearing steps or breathing noises when there is no one there. It is also reported that the ghost of a sailor haunts the rooms.

Spooky Rating: 5/5

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