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A Year Since Lockdown - Hayley Millin

Tuesday March 23 marks a year since lockdown and the start of a series of restriction on our lives unknown since the Second World War. For the rest of March we will be taking business owners to share their experiences and thoughts of the last 12 months.

Today we're talking to Hayley Millin, an Elite Personal Trainer (PT) who has been in this industry for over 10 years. Hayley specialises in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Based in Bournemouth, she offers face to face and online bespoke packages around the world for 1 to 1 and groups.

Hayley also runs regular fitness weekends in Bournemouth. “Hike N’ Beach” Workout Weekends for all fitness levels, involve stunning hikes along the Jurassic Coast, exciting workouts on the beautiful sandy beaches and includes hotel accommodation and evening meals in local trendy restaurants.

March 23 marks a year since lockdown began and the reality of the pandemic hit the UK. What are your memories of that day?

I remember watching the PM announcement and thinking how incredibly surreal the whole situation had become. I was in shock and worried for my family and loved ones, and wondering how on earth this would impact our lives, and the world!

Thinking back, how did you anticipate the way forward for your business over those first few days?

Honestly, it did not take me long. My clients have all worked with me for years, some as long as 13 years, so I have a great rapport and relationship with them all.

What actions did you take to save/change/pivot/support your business?

I immediately acted informing all my clients that all sessions shall remain as they are planned in their diaries, and that the only difference will be that they shall be online. I instantly promoted my services locally, and on social media to let people know that they can keep a healthy active lifestyle through the pandemic. I had new clients sign up straight away…as keeping healthy both mentally and physically has never been so important!

Name up to three positive outcomes of the last year for your business?

All my clients have maintained their health and fitness and achieved more this last year through my new Online Specialist Packages.

I have managed to take on more clients due to less time taken on commuting.

I have created an ‘Online Presence’ as a virtual trainer for anyone wherever they are based in the world, who is looking to reach health and fitness goals or create a new lifestyle. I ensure they can achieve just that in the comfort of their own homes. It has added a whole new dimension to both my business and to the people who seek this help and support.

Name up to three positive outcomes for you personally over the last year?

All family and friends have remained fit and healthy.

I have less time commuting and more time to work or relax.

I have achieved some of my own personal health and fitness goals.

What do you most look forward to doing in business as we slowly move out of lockdown? 

Training local clients face to face again (if they choose to, for some the Online Sessions have been perfect for them).

Running my “Hike N’ Beach” Fitness Events again.

What do you most look forward to do in your personal life as we slowly move out of lockdown?

The obvious:

  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Travel
  • Live a normal life

Name one person who has been a lockdown hero for you over the last year?

My husband. We have been lucky enough to only get stronger through spending a year of lockdown together. Support goes without saying through all the shock of the pandemic, but doing everything together from training, playing games, drinks and dancing around the house and creating our own fun, has really proved what really counts in life!

Name one business which has been heroic for you or your community over the last year?

The NHS. What more do I need to say….every single care worker who has risked their own life to save another through this pandemic, you are all HEROES!

You can find out more information on her website HERE!

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